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Each year the Coley’s Cause Charitable Trust Foundation awards college scholarships to deserving graduates from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School.   The scholarships are awarded to students whose character embodies the spirit, courage and determination that Coley displayed throughout her life.  From 2005 to 2022, a total of 33 scholarships have been awarded for a total of $38,500!  Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners who have gone on to excel in their college education and beyond.

Nicole Levine Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2005: Andrea Berardi
2006: Rachel Cattaneo
2007: Danielle White
2008: Jessica Correia and Rebecca Amaral
2009: Michelle Myles
2010: Courtney White and Sarah Gallagher
2011: Brian Boates
2012: Laura Brandos
2013: Hanna Periera and Connor Myers
2014: Katie Kelly, Kayleen Walsh, Zoe Thomas
2015: Samantha Brow, Molly Desrochers, Ali Wilder
2016: Katelyn Bonnarigo, Kyle Kennedy, Taylor Poulin, Natalie Prisco
2017: Mary Aliberti, Iris Johnson, Mary Maclellan
2018: Brittany Fredericks and Emma Goodrich
2019: Erin Doucette and Jake Sturtevant
2020: Brooke Gallagher
2021:  Jenna Bray
2022:  Kaitlin Eisnor and Trevor Convent

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